Sweet Roses Granny Square

I ran out of wool in one particular color on my 48 point round ripple. So I ordered some more. But I live in Melbourne, and my wool supplier is in Bendigo. So I waited about a week for the new wool to get to me.

In the meantime I started playing around with my next project.

The Sweet  Roses Granny square

I found a number of squares with roses in the centre that I thought were pretty. But non of them quite hit the spot for the look I wanted. So I created a square with a 3D rose that is half attached and half free, that gets swirled and and sewn in place.

A few weeks ago I had my 14 year old niece come and stay during the school holidays. I planned a crochet surprise lesson for her. She said she had learned before but didn’t really remember how to do anything. I chose a pattern that was small, quick, easy and really pretty.

The Floral Trellis Scarf by Ann Budd in Scarf Style


I bought enough wool to do two, so I could make one as well. The original pattern calls for a knitted ruffle to roll up and make the rose. I decided to create a crochet ruffle instead. I used the basic pattern from that, and attached it to a base.


Here are my planned colors

I’m using Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury for this. It is really soft. It does have a tendency to split a little, but if I keep the tension right I don’t have a problem

I have created a crochet symbol pattern. I  will probably need to post a tutorial to help you understand it though, because it is really hard to explain the 3D aspect in symbols.

Sweet Roses Granny Square base

Sweet Roses 3D Flower

Sweet Roses Symbol Chart

30/7/2016 – I edited the chart as I realized there was a 3-treble cluster missing. I also placed a 3-chain symbol next to where each starting double crochet is to be placed, although if you wish you could just use the 3-chain instead. So just to be clear don’t put in both a 3 chain as well a double crochet, choose either a starting double crochet or a 3-chain.

I’m intending to put up a tutorial for my starting double crochet stitch. I call it the fat starting double crochet, as it is a little thicker than a normal stitch.





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