My crochet hook odyssey

How the world of craft has changed since I last participated.

20 years ago all that was available in the way of crochet hooks was pretty much the plain Birch steel hook. Now, the choice is amazing. One of these days I will save up and try one of the Furls Hooks. They are definitely on my wishlist, and sooo pretty.

But in the meantime I have tried three other brands, easily available on the the shelf at Spotlight, or at yarn stores and found the ones I love.

Clover Amour.


The name is apt. I love my Clover Amours. Those are my 2 most used hooks; 4.5 mm and 4 mm.

Back in December 2015 I got the urge to make a blanket for winter. And knowing that it might take me a couple of months to complete it I thought I’d get started, even though it was the middle of summer. I searched out my old hook and started working. (in fact the background under the hooks in the picture is the finished blanket that I started with that old 4.5 Birch hook, and it does keep me warm. I think it has been particularly cold this winter in Melbourne.)

And then I remembered why I had probably put the crochet down in the first place. The discomfort in my hands after working for a couple of hours! If I went more slowly and took care with how I positioned my hands then I could work longer.

But with the magic of Google I found some alternatives. Being the impatient person that I am I didn’t want to wait until some of the fancier hooks would arrive by post. I discovered that I could get the Boye ergonomic hook grip and set of hooks from Spotlight. In such pretty, shiny colours

It was a learning curve how to use it. It saved the part of my hand that was sore, but it set up new patterns of discomfort after a while. And of course there wasn’t a direct correlation with the hook size I was using. There was a 4.25 mm or a 5 mm, but no 4.5. So I went back to the Birch.

Then on a trip to Bendigo to get the wool for my Starring Pansies blanket I found the Clover Amour and never looked back. It was so easy and smooth to use. No pain, no tired hands. (I’m a massage therapist who plays the piano, so that is soooo important.)

Now I have an almost complete collection. I got quite a few of them from Bendigo Woollen Mills, but I have seen them in my local yarn store – WoolBaa. But I did order some of them online as well, because let’s face it, the selection in-store usually isn’t as wide as what you can get online overseas.

A couple of months ago I forgot to pack my Clover when I went to my boyfriend’s place for the day. He lives not far from the local Spotlight, so I popped in to pick up a spare hook that I could keep in the car for emergencies.

I tried the Millward wooden handles. It was so bumpy after the Clover, I kept fumbling the stitches and having to redo them.


I do keep them for emergencies, but I am now extra careful to check that I have my favorite hook!

You may have noticed the odd hooks out in the super-sized hook photo. On a recent trip to Sydney I stopped in at Morris and Sons to check out their yarn selection and found the Pony 25 mm, and the Knit-Pro Symfonie 12 mm.I hadn’t found anywhere online to get those sizes in the Clover that post to Australia. So I just got them.

By the way Morris and Sons have a pretty good range. I got some yarn to make some souvenirs of my Sydney trip. Maybe I’ll show off my yarn stash another time. As well as my knitting needles, and my interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks. So many beautiful toys, not enough time to play with them all as they deserve.



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